Transparency and Performance

Accountability and Oversight

UNCDF subscribes to the UNDP’s Accountability & Oversight Policy and complies with the UNDP Programme and Operations Policies and Procedures, which provides a framework for results and risk-based performance management, with particular emphasis on the values and culture of accountability and transparency.

The policy encompasses mechanisms for independent internal and external oversight of UNCDF, designed to provide assurances to the Executive Board that functional systems of internal controls are in place, that policy frameworks are appropriate, that resources are utilized effectively, and that professional and ethical standards are upheld.

Additional mechanisms to ensure transparency and accountability include UNCDF's Information Disclosure Policy, and its adherence to UNDP's Anti-Fraud Policy, including efforts to facilitate reporting via UNDP's Anti-Fraud Hotline. Reports can be done through a Web Form, by phone: +1-770-776-5678 worldwide (collect call with interpreters available 24 hours/day) or +1-877-557-8685 in the USA, by fax: +1-770-409-5008 worldwide, or by email at

Along with the rest of the UN system, in 2010 UNCDF began to report its finances according to the International Public Sector Accounting Standards, further increasing its transparency and accountability.

You can use the web form below to report:

Web Form

Or you can contact:

+1-770-776-5678 worldwide
(collect call with interpreters available 24 hours/day)
+1-877-557-8685 in the USA

You can also contact the UNDP Hotline

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