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UNCDF's activities in Cameroon include improving the accessibility of financial services to low-income populations in urban and rural areas.

Today, UNCDF offers catalytic finance models that unlock public and private resources in “last mile” environments, especially at the domestic level, to reduce poverty and support local economic development.

UNCDF is implementing two global programmes: MicroLead, a global initiative that works with a variety of financial institutions to develop, pilot and scale deposit services for low income, rural populations, particularly women; and CleanStart programme, which supports clean energy policy development, and provides risk capital and technical assistance to competitively selected financial service providers and energy enterprises at regional and national levels.

UNCDF is working in 4 countries (Cameroon, Madagascar, Mali, Niger), in partnership with RIAFCO, FMDV and PPIAF, through the Municipal Investment Finance (MIF) programme, to identify the most effective ways to sustain and diversify local government financing institutions (LGFIs) financial resources in order to reinforce and to support local authorities and to bolster their own financial resources.

Programmes in Cameroon


co-invests in early stage innovations from financial institutions, distributed energy service companies and other providers of wholesale or retail financing for clean energy.

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develops, pilots and scales deposit services for low income, rural populations, particularly women

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connect sustainable sources of capital financing with local governments struggling to address problems arising from rapid urbanization

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