Climate Change and Green Energy

Climate Change and Green Energy

Least developed countries are amongst the most vulnerable to climate change – and the least well equipped to respond.

UNCDF is helping least developed countries build resilience through its Local Climate Adaptive Living Facility (LoCAL)

Building resilience requires many small, local initiatives (e.g. improving drainage, reinforcing sea walls). LoCaL seeks to enable direct access by local governments to the climate financing necessary to retrofit existing facilities, plan new facilities and incorporate climate issues into their investments. LoCAL is a combined UNCDF – UNDP effort, designed to work in conjunction with existing joint programmes.  It is being piloted in Bhutan and Cambodia.

UNCDF is also promoting the use of green energy technologies. 

Poor people can spend up to 30% of their incomes to satisfy energy needs.  In some cases (e.g. cooking on open fires) both their and the environment can suffer). Newer technologies such as clean cook stoves and micro solar panels are available, but the purchase and maintenance costs can make them inaccessible for poor people.  UNCDF and UNDP developed CleanStart – a new programme that combines microfinance with clean energy technologies -- to help more poor people and small businesses access affordable and clean sources of energy.

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