Donor Partner Working Group on Local Governance and Decentralization

Donor Partner Working Group on Local Governance and Decentralization

While development partners are working towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), new challenges have emerged which threaten the development opportunities of the poor. Among the most critical threats are the global financial crisis, urbanization, climate change and food security.

Achieving sustainable solutions to these challenges requires the involvement of sub-national governments and other relevant local actors. Further, local governments are able to adjust national and regional development strategies to the realities of their territory, leading to more effective resource allocation and improved development results. The sub-national level – including local parliaments, civil society organisations, media and community groups – plays a major role in establishing and nurturing accountability towards citizens and aid beneficiaries. Local governments are the logical actors to bridge the imperatives of upward and downward accountability.

For over 25 years decentralization and local governance have featured prominently on the Development Partners (DP) agenda in many developing and transition countries.

The Development Partners Working Group on Decentralization and Local Governance (DeLoG) aims to improve the development effectiveness in the field of Decentralization and Local Governance (DLG) through promoting more harmonized and aligned interventions. 

Along with other 26 bilateral and multilateral Development Partners, UNCDF is proud to be a member of DeLoG and exchange ideas and field experiences to create synergy effects and to act in a practical way and to count with a knowledge management platform in the field of improved aid effectiveness in DLG.

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