Local Cross-Border Initiative (LOBI)

Local Cross-Border Initiative (LOBI)

The Challenge

Cross border areas have long been a central concern to West Africa’s sub regional politics and stability. Demarcation of borders and strategic location of natural resources have historically posed threats to peace and stability. Yet, these areas hold a largely untapped potential for development.

How We Are Helping?

To respond to this development challenge and strengthen the governance of two West African cross-border regions, UNCDF, in cooperation with the UEMOA and with the support of the Government of Luxembourg, launched the Local Cross-Border Initiative (LOBI).

Over a 5 year period beginning in early 2013,the new programme will support the definition of cross-border strategies and the piloting of cross-border local development processes to improve the economic stability and human security in the regions. The initiative will be implemented over a 5 year period beginning in 2012, in partnership with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA).

As the LOBI pilots could be applicable to other border regions in Least Developed Countries, a technical review will be conducted in the second year to evaluate the programme against its intended outputs and define strategies for scaling-up.

To learn more about the Local Cross Border Initiative, please download the LOBI brochure

In Detail

Additional Information


Local Cross-Border Initiative

GoalTo strengthen cross-border governance in the West African region through the definition of regional and national strategies and the promotion of pilot cross-border local development processes.
  • Supporting the promotion of the cross-border governance, including the definition of a Regional Strategy about cross-border issues;
  • Piloting a cross-border local development fund (LDF) to increase investments and support innovations in local economic development, gender and food security; as well as to contribute to the provision of basic services to cross-border communities;
  • Piloting the local development process for cross border areas: setting up a cross border planning and budgeting process (Local Development Plan, LDP), including clear procurement procedures and performance-based grant system for local governments.
Active InBurkina-Faso, Ivory-Coast, Mali, Niger.
PartnersUNCDF, Government of Luxembourg, UEMOA, ECOWAS
Total project cost and UNCDF contributionUSD 11,770,000
$1,819,000 (Gov of Luxembourg)