UNCDF in Madagascar

UNCDF in Madagascar

The Challenge

The Republic of Madagascar has an estimated population of around 20 million, 76.5 percent of whom live on less than $1.25 per day. The 2013 Human Development Index ranks Madagascar 151th out of 187 countries.

How We Are Helping?

The UNCDF-UNDP joint Programme d’Appui à la Finance Inclusive à Madagascar (PAFIM) has been developed in accordance with the Government’s national strategy for microfinance, which itself was developed in 2004 with UNCDF technical support. The programme promotes increased access to sustainable microfinance services. Particular attention is paid to poor households and low-income micro-entrepreneurs by supporting the full integration of sustainable microfinance institutions into the national financial market. The programme portfolio includes contributions from UNCDF, UNDP and the government.

In Detail


Programme d’Appui à la Finance Inclusive à Madagascar (PAFIM)

Goal Promouvoir un meilleur accès aux services de microfinance durables.
  • Soutenir l'intégration complète des institutions de microfinance viables sur le marché financier national;
  • L'octroi de subventions aux fournisseurs de services financiers.
Period 2010-2013
Partners UNCDF, PNUD, Gouvernement de la République de Madagascar.
Total project cost and UNCDF contribution USD 6,000,000
USD 2,000,000

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