Projects Portfolio

Projects Portfolio

UNCDF has proven its ability to deliver true leverage on smaller and more risky investments and interventions within its core areas of expertise: Inclusive Finance and Local Development Finance. The concept- proven pilot projects and programmes are replicated and brought to scale with the help and the add-on financing of other development partners with different and complementary mandates. UNCDF delivers its support via:

  • Country programmes: tailored to the needs of individual countries and in a wide range of national settings, including post crisis and other fragile environments.

  • Global programmes: designed to complement UNCDF country programmes by promoting product and institutional innovations (e.g. local government finance for women’s empowerment; climate change resilience; financial inclusion of the youth or microfinance for renewable energy).

  • Diagnostic Tools: UNCDF has also a proven track record in developing local public finance capacities, which were brought to a national scale by larger development partners (i.e. World Bank). It is also one of the development agencies most involved in promoting financial inclusion through a market development approach. From an early support to national microfinance strategies in the 1990s, UNCDF has recently profoundly updated its market development approach through the development of a new diagnostic tool and programmatic framework to support the development of national financial inclusion strategies. MAP provides governments with detailed data of demand and financial access, with analysis on the new drivers of financial inclusion on the supply side (i.e. role of technology and mobile banking, emergence of new distribution channels, digitalization of social transfers), and with broader policy framework analysis.

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