In-Country Partners

Lead partners

Partners in Benin

Our partners in Benin: The Government of Benin, UNCDF, World Food Programme, UNICEF.

Partners in Burundi:

Our partners in Burundi: The Government of Burundi,the Belgian Fund for Food Security (FBSA), UN Women, IFAD, GAFSP, LoCAL-UNCDF.

Partners in Mali:

Our partners in Mali: the Belgian Fund for Food Security (FBSA), BW/Helvetas, VSF Belgique, WSM, PROTOS, Croix Rouge Belgique.

Partners in Mozambique:

Our partners in Mozambique: The government of Mozambique, DISOP, the Belgian Fund for Food Security, PAM, UN WOMEN, UNDP (PNPFD), FOS, FAO.




Partners in Niger :

Our partners in Niger: The government of Niger, the Belgian Fund for Food Security (FBSA), IFAD, FAO, UNDP,WFP, UNICEF.

What Partners tell us

The problem of food insecurity is going to become more marked with climate change. The F4F programme support the developing countries thanks to its adaptable financial tools.

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