Planning Instruments

1. Shared knowledge of the problems and perspectives of development

We notice a beginning of mobilization of the technical and financial partners to support the development plan, which limits disjointed actions, not consulted and not coordinated that had preceded decentralization. With the development plan, the local elected representatives have a better knowledge and mastery of their territory and the stakes of local development.

2. Local planning must rely on an in-depth knowledge of local economy

3. Visibility of the LDP and monitoring of the municipal performance through the PAI

4. Weakness of the inter-communal actions

5. Lack of visibility of the State sectoral policies

6. An approximate acceptance of the plans by the tutelage authority

7. Participation has a cost and demands time

8. The complexity of the diagnosis and planning tools

9. Slowness in the implementation of commitments

10. The management expectations

Stories from the Field