Making Access Possible


The Challenge

Financial inclusion has been placed as a priority by many governments around the world, and internationally at the core of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Appropriate financial services can help improve household welfare and spur small enterprise activities. At a national level, financial inclusion complements critical national policies, notably on poverty eradication, reducing inequality, job creation and growth, and supporting education and health objectives.

How We Are Helping?

Making Access Possible (MAP) is a multi-country initiative to support financial inclusion through a process of evidence-based analysis feeding into a financial inclusion roadmap jointly implemented by a range of local stakeholders. MAP was initiated by the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) and is implemented in partnership with FinMark Trust and the Centre for Financial Regulation and Inclusion (Cenfri). In each country, MAP brings together a broad range of stakeholders from within the local governments, the private sector and the donor community to create a set of practical actions aimed at extending financial inclusion and tailored to that country.

What We Will Do Next?


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Our Team

South Africa - Senegal - Thailand

Kameshnee Naidoo

MAP Programme Advisor

Mathieu Soglonou

Regional Technical Advisor for West Africa