Apr. 20, 2015

In a country where 20 percent of the population uses financial services and where the mobile phone penetration rate reaches 80 percent, the development of digital financial services has tremendous potential to promote access to financial services and to support the economic development of the unbanked population.

Apr. 15, 2015
Washington D.C.

The World Bank - News Release

Between 2011 and 2014, 700 million people became account holders at banks, other financial institutions, or mobile money service providers, and the number of “unbanked” individuals dropped 20 percent to 2 billion adults, says a new report released today.

Apr. 15, 2015
New York, USA

So much is in her hands. Ensuring daily meals for the family. Paying school fees. Purchasing inventory for her business. Setting aside money for seeds for the next planting. Yet when it comes to the essential tools to manage these expenses, invest in timely opportunities to buy in bulk, save for a piece of needed equipment, or make a payment without spending a half day to do so, she lacks the tools she needs.

Apr. 09, 2015
Vientiane, LAO P.D.R.

Experts in the field met recently to discuss the future of Lao PDR’s local development in the first Governance Sector Working Group (GSWG) of 2015. The panel discussions took place in the National Conference Center in Vientiane, Lao PDR.

Apr. 08, 2015
Kampala, UGANDA

When a family member first told Mary that she could use her mobile phone to store her money, she felt that she had finally found a safe place to keep the earnings from her vegetable sales.  Mary soon experienced, however, that the journey to register and manage an account to be less simple.

Apr. 02, 2015

In line with the United Nations’ post-2015 development agenda, world stakeholders stressed the need for governments to create a more conducive regulatory and financial framework at the country level and incentivize as well as promote education on entrepreneurship in a bid to achieve key objectives of the agenda.

Mar. 30, 2015

From Monday 30 March to Wednesday 1 April 2015 Her Majesty Queen Máxima will visit Myanmar as the UN Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development.

Mar. 28, 2015
New York, USA

Youthstart Global Inception Phase: Country Assessment Of Youth Economic Opportunities Ecosystem In Benin, Mozambique, Rwanda, And Zambia

UNCDF is seeking applications from qualified technical partners (e.g. not-for-profit organization, or consulting firm) with the capacity to conduct the country specific diagnostic of the youth economic opportunities ecosystem (see figure 2) in Benin, Mozambique, Rwanda, and Zambia.

Mar. 24, 2015
Jijiga, Somali Region, ETHIOPIA

In the recent decades the small towns of Ethiopia's Somali Region have seen important demographic and economic growth. This has encouraged a wealth of innovations to spread as pastoralists seek to strengthen ties with local markets. In the region, camels are the most important signifier of wealth and determinant of one’s status in the community. Whereas, their milk was mainly used for domestic purposes, one of the innovations that has spread all over the region is the commercialization of camel milk.