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UNCDF has been present in Uganda since 1982, supporting the Government to create a functional planning and financial system for sustainable and inclusive local development.

Today, together with the larger UN Country Team, UNCDF in Uganda supports the Government effectively implement the Second National Development Plan and realize its vision of becoming a middle-income country by 2020, and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

UNCDF uses its financial tools and technical expertise in public financial management, SME development, and financial services development to incentivize actors across different economic value chains to think differently, break from their silos, and incubate new ways of serving the “last-mile”. Together we look for, and invest in, high-impact opportunities that can boost productivity, economies of scale, and above all, development impact, especially for women and youth.

Some of our areas of engagement are:

  1. Sustainable finance for local infrastructure to boost public and private investments in local infrastructure development and service delivery and to foster equitable economic growth (Local Finance Initiative and Joint Programme on Equitable Economic Growth in Cities).
  2. Economic empowerment of youth and women through innovative, customized savings and lending products (YouthStart, MicroLead).
  3. Agricultural value chain development through digital financial services and digital innovations that facilitate financial flows between various value chain actors to empower people’s lives (Mobile Money for the Poor).
  4. Promotion of clean energy through introduction of early stage clean energy business models so that modern energy solutions are made accessible and affordable for a larger population (CleanStart).
  5. Access to finance for small and medium enterprises to allow more SMEs in Uganda to source growth capital locally for infrastructure investments (Local Finance Initiative).
  6. The Development Initiative for Northern Uganda (DINU), a flagship programme designed to consolidate stability in Northern Uganda, eradicate poverty and under-nutrition and strengthen the foundations for sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development.

With a programmatic portfolio in Uganda of over US$10 million and growing, UNCDF is confidently looking into the future; planning to double its portfolio in the next two years. Some next generation initiatives include: the use of technology to improve the visibility and efficiency of public and private financial flows across key sectors such as agriculture, energy, water, education, and transport; and improving the resilience of local governments and communities disproportionately affected by conflict, climate change and the influx of refugees into Uganda.

Programmes in Uganda


provides risk capital and technical assistance to financial service providers and energy enterprises.

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bridging the significant gap between local infrastructure needs and available funds

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help governments channel global climate adaptation financing to the local level

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develop, pilot and scale deposit services for low income, rural populations, particularly women

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supporting and cooperating with banks, mobile network operators and regulators to help them reach millions of additional customers who are currently unbanked

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aims at increasing access to financial services for low-income youth, with an emphasis on savings and financial education.

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consolidate stability in Northern Uganda, eradicate poverty and under-nutrition and strengthen the foundations for sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development

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Results in Uganda


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Kampala, Uganda

Dmitry Pozhidaev

Regional Technical Advisor

Francois Coupienne

Team Manager Digital Finance

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Financial Management Support