UNDP and the UN System

UNDP and the UN System

UNCDF and UNDP are separate organizations: they have different mandates, raise their funding separately, and publish separate financial statements.

But UNCDF and UNDP are, by design, highly complementary. UNCDF’s development finance mandate is a natural counterpart to UNDP’s focus on technical assistance and capacity building. UNCDF shares UNDP’s governance and operational structures, and the two organizations cooperate on a wide range of programmes and initiatives throughout the LDCs.

UNCDF purchases many of its “back office” services from UNDP, and the two organizations are often co-located at the regional and country levels.

UNCDF also collaborates with the wider group of UN development agencies, including UNICEF (decentralized social protection in Nepal), UNOPS, ILO (micro-insurance), IFAD (remittances) and is currently working with UN Women on GELD+, a replication of the joint UNCDF/UN Women programme Gender Equitable Local Development.

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