Launching PFIP Report: G2P: Expanding Financial Inclusion in the Pacific Report
  • January 10, 2012

Linking government-to-person (G2P) transfers and payments to financial inclusion strategies represents a new and increasingly dynamic area of practice. A growing number of countries are employing G2P strategies to better leverage the proliferation of social transfer schemes, the spread of successful branchless banking models, and the increasing importance of financial inclusion as a policy objective.

One of the most recent examples involves Fiji, which in 2011 began the first successful G2P project in the Pacific and now hopes to serve as a model for other countries in the region. 

The G2P Report : 

Focus: The G2P report focuses on the implementation of G2P projects as a mechanism to enhance financial inclusion, as well as a way to provide cost and efficiency savings both to government and to social welfare recipients. It uses the case of Fiji’s own recent transfer of recipients to a savings-linked electronic payment system.

Goal: Its goal is to help government agencies, central banks, donors and private sector service partners (including MFIs, banks, mobile network operators and other payment service providers) to better understand the key steps, challenges and lessons learned from G2P projects, and to take advantage of similar opportunities in their own countries.


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