Nepal MFIs are now on MIX Market
  • January 11, 2012

The joint UNCDF-UNDP project, with the support of CMF, has recently registered and uploaded information of all its partners on MIX Market.   MIX collects and validates financial, operational, product, client, and social performance data from MFIs in all regions of the developing world, standardizing the data for comparability. This information is made available on MIX Market (, a global, web-based, microfinance information platform, which features financial and social performance information for approximately 2000 MFIs as well as information about funders, networks, and service providers.

Individual partner information can be accessed using links below:


MIX Market Progress Data available at:
CBB Updated
CSD Updated
DDBL Updated
JBS Updated
NESDO Updated
NERUDE Updated
NUBL Updated
PGBB Updated
SBB Updated
MCDC Updated
MPGBB Updated
NWCSC Updated
RWDC Updated
SBL Commercial Bank Not Applicable
SOLVE Updated
UNYC Updated
WDCN Updated