UNCDF launched three Government-Investor Networks in Uganda
  • November 21, 2012

UNCDF has launched three Government-Investor Networks managed by the Ministry of Local Government, Uganda Investment Authority, and one of the district administrations (Kayunga District). The launch took place during an event on 1 November and was attended by the Minister of State for Local Government, Minister of State for Industry and Trade, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Local Government, Executive Director of the Uganda Investment Authority, Chairman of the Kayunga District as well as over 100 representatives of the government agencies, financial institutions, private businesses and development partners.

The State Minster did a live launch of the Networks for Local Economic Development (LED) and Private Sector Development (PSD) during the launch event, stressing in his opening speech the full support of the government to the establishment and expansion of private sector enabling information and communication systems and describing the networks as a cost-effective way to increase the capacity of the Government of Uganda to mobilize stakeholders across the public and private sectors for advancing LED and PSD, critical to Uganda’s global competitiveness, job creation, and improvement of living standards.

The three LFI (Local Finance Initiative) Government-Investor Networks launched are:

1) National Agriculture Government-Investor Network (UAN) – UIA launched the National Agriculture Network to increase its effectiveness in improving the business-enabling environment, investor aftercare, and facilitate investment related to agriculture. UIA will mobilize its “Team Uganda” (45 government agencies) and Presidential Investor Roundtable in the resolution of investment impediments and realization of agriculture investment opportunities.

2) National Propagation Team Network for LED and Private Sector Development (NPTN) – The MoLG launched the NPT Network to increase the capacity of NPT to be effective implement the National LED Policy and achieve results working across government agencies with the private sector and development partners. Issues and opportunities will be reported to UIA for follow-up.

3) Kayunga District Forum on LED and Private Sector Development (KayungaDN)– Kayunga District launched the first pilot district-level network to increase the effectiveness of the District Investment Committees, District LED Forum, and the District Officers in identifying opportunities, issues and possible solutions for LED and private sector development. Issues and opportunities will be reported to the NPT and UIA for follow-up.

Following more work on the design and content of the networks following their official launch, the networks have now been made fully functional and accessible to all relevant stakeholders.