UNCDF Announces a Multi-Stakeholders Consultation Process
  • December 12, 2012

Following a decision proposed to and endorsed by the Executive Board at its annual session in June 2012, UNCDF is pleased to announce the beginning of a multi-stakeholders consultation process, aimed at seeking the views of stakeholders on what action UNCDF should take to increase predictability of aid received.

UNCDF offers a unique combination of seed capital and technical assistance to promote sustainable, inclusive growth in the least developed countries (LDCs). UNCDF’s local development finance programmes strengthen public financial management to improve infrastructure investment and delivery of basic services by local governments. UNCDF’s inclusive finance programmes increase access by poor people and small businesses to financial services including savings, credit, insurance and remittances.

Both of UNCDF's focus areas have gained increasing attention in recent years for a variety of reasons, such as the realization of the need for building capacity at sub-national government levels for the efficient delivery of social services and local infrastructure; or the necessity to build inclusive financial sectors that provide financial services to poor people and small enterprises. UNCDF works exclusively in the LDCs and enjoys, based on its documented successful programmes that deliver concrete and sustainable developmental results, a strong support by the LDCs.

Based on strong demand for UNCDF’s services and capital, the UNCDF Corporate Management Plan 2010-2013 envisages a significant growth in UNCDF’s support to the LDCs. In spite of pressures on development budgets globally since the 2008 financial crisis, earmarked contributions to UNCDF have grown through an increasing numbers of donors with diverse background and substantive contributions from the private sector.

Stakeholders feedback is being sought on how to ensure unearmarked contributions growth at a matching pace for UNCDF to respond to the continuous demand of services and capital from the LDCs. Key discussions will be around UNCDF’s added value to contribute to inclusive growth, progress towards MDGs and the emerging post-2015 framework; UNCDF’s intervention and impact and the future of UNCDF.

“This stakeholders consultation is really about sustaining constructive relationships with our partners,” said Marc Bichler, UNCDF Executive Secretary. “It will not be a single conversation, but a series of opportunities to create understanding about UNCDF’s future interventions among those it will likely affect or interest, and to learn how these external parties view our future plans and its attendant risks, impacts, opportunities, and mitigation measures. Listening to stakeholders' concerns and feedback can be a valuable source of information that can improve our outcomes and, ultimately, efficiency of development results.”

The multi-stakeholders consultation process will start on December 12th and it is expected to last until the spring 2013.





UNCDF is the UN’s capital investment agency for the world’s 48 least developed countries. It creates new opportunities for poor people and their small businesses by increasing access to microfinance and investment capital. UNCDF focuses on Africa and the poorest countries of Asia, with a special commitment to countries emerging from conflict or crisis. It provides seed capital – grants and loans – and technical support to help microfinance institutions reach more poor households and small businesses, and local governments finance the capital investments – water systems, feeder roads, schools, irrigation schemes – that will improve poor peoples’ lives. UNCDF programmes help to empower women, and are designed to catalyze larger capital flows from the private sector, national governments and development partners, for maximum impact toward the Millennium Development Goals.