UNCDF at the post-2015 Global Thematic Consultation on Governance at the South African Pan-African Parliament
  • March 08, 2013

In his opening statement at the final meeting of the Global Consultation on Governance, Nicola Crosta - UNCDF’s Head of Policy, Knowledge and Advocacy – reiterated the importance that the post-2015 framework fully captures local development, local finance and local governance challenges.

Other participants, including representatives from the public, private and non-profit sectors insisted on the need for a future measurement of progress towards global goals at the local level.

The event brought together approximately 200 senior representatives engaged in governance discussions from all over the World.

The thematic consultation on governance is a response to an increasing demand from various actors over the past few years, particularly civil society, to discuss governance and accountability bottlenecks in the context of the MDGs, and how these gaps could be addressed within a new global development framework.

As with all global thematic consultations, this consultation feeds into the UN’s overall post-2015 process and the Secretary General report to the next General Assembly taking place in September 2013.