Joint Press Conference between MOF & MOI about the achievement made both Ministries on the JPLG program

The Puntland Ministry of financerecognizes the progress made by the JPLG program since its inception that supports and facilitates social service delivery. The program also improves local government capacity to provide needed services to the community and enhanced infrastructure such as building health center, Schools, Market center, Community center and roads.

The project also improves inter-governmental transfer where central government allocated fund to the local government and contributed to this project, which strengthened transparency and accountability of the local government and the whole process of the project.

So far, implementation of the JPLG projects has reached beyond the expected result because all planned projects had been implemented on time. This supported by the quick fiscal transfer and supervision of the program. The government has transferred fund for this program since 2011 and it is as follows:

In 2011, US$30,000 has contributed for 12 projects for Garowe, Gardo and Bossaso Districts.

In 2012, US$25,526 has transferred to 7 projects in three Districts- Bossaso, Gardo and Garowe.

In 2013, still government is committed to contribute for 6 Districts and ensuring to fulfill its commitment. The components of this fund consist of 85% from the donors, 10% from central government and 5% from the Local government.

The government of Puntland would like to continue its partnership with JPLG in enhancing local government’s capacity to deliver service to their Communities but also we are requesting donors to increase the fund of the project and add more Districts in the programs as the government successful implemented all planned projects.

Director of planning in the Minister of interiorMrJubba spoken the press conference and briefly introduced the concept of JPLG and its objective, he added that JPLG intends to fulfill in three objective which are service delivery, capacity building and policy formulations, some of the these objectives has fulfilled but formulation policy become challenged one and since we are learning process soon will ensure completion of our objectives and  entire Puntland regions will adapt the system of decentralization .

Local government must ensure to deliver the service to the local community and improve their skills so that Central government will trust them.

Minister of interior will take a decision to improve District performance in generally and will ensure to strengthened the decentralization system in Puntland.

Lastly MrJubba concluded that district mayors and secretaries should make sure to play effective role in the district level.

We thank to all JPLG partners for their dedicated commitment for the program and special thanks for UNCDF in its efforts for ensuring fund transfer to happen on time.