Global Task Force of Local and Regional Governments for post-2015 Development Agenda

Yesterday, UNCDF’s Executive Secretary, Mr. Marc Bichler, was participating in the high-level meeting of the ‘Global Task Force of Local and Regional Governments for post-2015 Development Agenda’.

In the framework of the Post-2015 and Habitat III processes, the World Organization of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) with members in over 140 countries has invited sister-organizations and partners to join a Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments for Post-2015.

During the session on ‘Partnerships for the Post 2015 Development: Agenda by local and regional governments’, Marc Bichler discussed the need to act locally to address increasing inequality and foster inclusive and sustainable growth, focusing on the key role that local governments and innovative local finance can play in doing this. “There will not be sustainable development without sustainable finance, and there will not be inclusive development, without inclusive finance,” he said. In the same session, Mr Olav Kjørven, Assistant Secretary-General and Director, Bureau of Development Policy (UNDP) confirmed UNDP’s strong commitment to partner with UNCDF to define the right approaches to help localize the post-2015 agenda.

Marc Bichler shared the roundtable - chaired by Nikhil Seth, Director of Sustainable Urbanization of UN DESA - with Paúl Carrasco, President of Regions United/FOGAR, Prefect of Province of Azuay, Ecuador, Betty Maina, High Level Panel member, Chief Executive of Kenya’s Association of Manufacturers and Berry Vrbanovic, Past President of Federation of Canadian Municipalities. The meeting was closed by Mr Joseph Roig, Secretary General of UCLG.

Launched at the UCLG World Council in Dakar in December 2012, the Taskforce aims at building a joint strategy to develop the position of local and regional governments in the upcoming international debates and to share views with partners and international institutions.