New Study Identifies How Much Mexican Government Saves Annually After Shift to Electronic Payments
  • December 02, 2013

Focusing on individual countries in each case study, the Better Than Cash Alliance Case Study Series highlights specific examples of shifts to electronic payments by government agencies, businesses or development partners.

Each case study documents the extent of the shift and the factors that have helped or hindered it, in order to provide insights which are relevant to a wide readership interested in how to shift from cash to electronic payments. The first in the series focuses on Mexico.

More case studies examining other countries’ experiences will be released throughout 2014.

Thanks to a concerted and well-planned shift to electronic distribution of many government payrolls, pensions and social benefits, the Government of Mexico is saving a significant amount of funds.

In the first of the The Better Than Cash Alliance Case Study Series to be released, researchers identify the many billions that are estimated to be saved by the Mexican government each year. It also provides key lessons for other governments that are undergoing similar efforts around the world.

The full report can be viewed in the Evidence Paper. An abridged version is available in highlights while the factsheet provides a quick overview of the findings.