LoCAL-Cambodia: Leading the way in local climate adaptation planning processes

Cambodia has piloted the LGCC (Local Governance and Climate Change) Phase One and is now moving ahead in phase two of the project.

The LGCC Phase Two has allowed the NCDDS and UNCDF to scale up the program in new many new districts particularly in the provinces of Takeo and Battambang. Using mechanisms tested in Phase One, many new projects passed the bidding stage in Battambang (see video).

The initiative has driven many other organizations to support the model implemented by the NCDDS (National Committee for Democratic Development Secretariat). This new LoCAL coverage is perfectly in tune with the government strategies to mainstream climate change at a cross sectoral level and at sub-national level. This scaling up is also supported by on-going climate change policies at national level: the Royal Government of Cambodia officially launched the first-ever, Cambodia Climate Change Strategic Plan 2014-2023 in November 2013. The CCCSP captures the main strategic objectives and directions for a climate-smart development of Cambodia in the next 10 years.

At subnational level, LoCAL with NCDDS have pioneered the use of systematic ways to mainstream climate change at local levels. This careful implementation process was developed over many years of piloting and is now bearing fruits, inspiring many donors along the way. View here a sample of a typical project timeline estimated to take place over a one year period. The dates vary from project to project and according to the timing of district planning and budgeting.