UNCDF at the European Union Climate Week in Mozambique
  • December 08, 2015

The Delegation of the European Union in Mozambique hosted a Climate Week in Maputo from December 2 to 5, 2015. Throughout the week, UNCDF and other development partners that support climate change adaptation, natural resources management and environmental based management interventions in the country shared their strategies.

The event was an opportunity for ample, enriched and animated socio-economic and policy dialogues among politicians, economists and academics. These multidisciplinary debates facilitated an enhanced understanding of the broad range of challenges associated with climate change in Mozambique, as well as the kind of public policies and strategies that could eventually enhance country resilience to climate change. It was noteworthy the dialogue with the Youth Parliament where some of the most pressing issues related to climate change were aired and discussed and debates held on how an understanding of these could influence socio-economic policies in the country.

Throughout the week, UNCDF set up a stand to share information about the Local Climate Adaptive Living (LoCAL) programme and its interventions worldwide, particularly the strategy to finance climate resilient infrastructure in the Gaza province. LoCAL has recently contributed to the national treasury account to finance socio-economic infrastructure in the Gaza districts, and it will continue to support local governments to mainstream climate change adaption into decentralized planning and budgeting processes. UNCDF jointly with the European Union development partners contributed to showcase the multiple strategies, programmes, plans and budgets established to further tackle the social, economic and political challenges associated with environmental matters in the country.