DFS go Rural - Why and How to Go Rural with DFS

  • December 07, 2015

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n this video, UNCDF MM4P partners provide evidence on why and how it is compelling to go rural with digital financial services.

The main objectives of the DFS Go Rural workshop (Kampala - Uganda, February 2015) were to expose participants to cutting edge initiatives in branchless banking, which would allow financial service providers to reach deeper into rural areas, to create and/or solidify the foundations of a community of practice amongst the programme’s stakeholders, and to share and learn.

By the close of the workshop, partners and practitioners have reflected on the local challenges faced when developing agent networks in rural areas and how to overcome those challenges based on the experience of their peers or exchanges with their peers.

Participants from over 20 countries from Asia and Africa participated. Representatives from mobile network operators (Airtel, Etisalat, Lonestar, MTN, Ncell, MTN, Tigo, TNM, Orange etc), financial service providers (AB Bank, ASA, BCEL, BRAC, CARD, CRDB, Equity, ESEVA, Fececam, Fidelity Bank, FINCA, Global IME, Laxmi, MSB, Mwanga, NBS, OIBM, PostBank, SASL, Ugafode, Woccu, etc), and other non-bank providers such as Zoona were invited to share their experience and learn from each other.

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