DFS Toolkit #2: Be an Agent

  • March 09, 2023

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MicroLead is proud to release its series of DFS Toolkits designed for Financial Service Providers to succeed in their Digital Financial Services Journey.

These toolkits capitalize on the extensive work which MicroLead supported for indigenous FSPs to offer DFS to reach rural remote communities. The toolkits complement existing research and publications and captures consulting firm PHB’s experience with over 100 digital financial service implementations.

The first two business models of this framework consist in using mobile as a service where basic transactions are performed by staff of the FSP using mobile devices. We will describe them in toolkit #1 “Use Mobile as a Tool” and #2 “Be an Agent.” Models 3 and 4 describe agency banking where an agent (of a MNO, PSP or FI) assists clients with the transactions if needed. Clients can also perform transactions by themselves except for cash in/out where an agent is needed as intermediary. We will describe them in toolkit #3 “Use an existing agent network” and #4 “Develop Own Agent Network”. Models 5 and 6 describe mobile banking where clients transact directly on their FI ́s account, performing the operations themselves using their mobile phones. We will de- scribe them in toolkit #5 “Develop your Mobile Banking Channel” and #6 “Be a Provider.”

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