MicroLead's 3rd DFS Toolkit is Here! Leverage an Existing Agent Network

  • June 09, 2017

  • New York, USA

DFS Toolkit #3 in the MicroLead Series: How to Succeed in Your Digital Journey: A Series of Toolkits for Financial Service Providers


In this third model, leveraging an existing agent network, the FSP forms a partnership with a digital financial service provider (DFSP), and the FSP provides its own products and services using the DFSP’s network. It’s a form of agency banking, where customers can deposit and withdraw money from their account with the FSP to their mobile money account and/or make over-the-counter transactions. But how can managers know if this agent model is right for their institution?

Find out if this agent network model is right for your FSP or MFI. When you download this free toolkit, Leverage an Existing Agent Network, you will get:

1. A step-by-step guide to implement this agent model

2. A real-world case study of an MFI that became an agent, and the opportunities and challenges it presented

3. A budget template

4. A risk mapping exercise

5. Key performance indicators so your FSP can track its success

Download the DFS Toolkit and Case Study Now

Three more toolkits in the DFS series will be released over the coming months, so watch the MicroLead website for more info!

And if you missed the first two case studies, never fear! Once you’ve downloaded this toolkit, you’ll receive links to the first two: Use Mobile as a Tool and Be an Agent.