Sending money back home made easy

Migrant workers on tea estates in Uganda embrace being paid digitally

  • September 27, 2017

  • Uganda, Kampala

How to send some of the money earned back home? This is something that’s on the mind of many of the pluckers working on tea estates in Uganda.

Once they receive their pay, they often travel to the nearest mobile money agent to transfer some of their earning to the account of a family member back home. This is can be somewhere else in Uganda or to one of the neighbouring countries.

And that is why these workers using remittances are eager to sign up for receiving their pay directly on their mobile phone.

In our latest publication, UNCDF MM4P Uganda illustrates how the type of payee has an impact on the success of implementing bulk payments. Valuable lessons that we have learned with introducing digital payments to tea workers on the McLoud Russel estates in Western Uganda. Read all about how remittances impact the interest in digital payments in ‘High Volume Payments in the Tea Value Chain’.