Infographic Country Brief: Indonesia

  • August 01, 2018

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In 2015, 43% of adults in Indonesia saw good opportunities to start a company. SMEs are the key driver of country’s business acceleration, with most of small enterprises currently concentrated in Transportation and Storage sector.

Yet, gender inequality in entrepreneurship and employment constitutes a considerable obstacle to the country’s sustainable and inclusive growth. Only half of women are employed or seeking employment, and only 18% of businesses are owned by women. Women tend to be crowded out to the informal sector; 58% of females in the workforce are employed in the informal sector. Digitization remains an attractive avenue of development, as 99% of all utility bills are paid in cash and less than 1% of Indonesian adults have ever used mobile money.

Increased usage of mobile and computer devices can further boost financial inclusion. As of 2014, only 37% of female and 22% of the income-poorest population had an account at a financial institution. Further policy measures, such as the launch of the new Credit Bureau in 2017, can facilitate credit expansion and, most importantly, economic prosperity through inclusive finance.

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