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Local Governance Support Project - Learning and Innovation Component (LGSP-LIC)

  • October 18, 2017

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The Learning and Innovation Component (UC) of the Local Governance Support Project (LGSP) aims to promote poverty reduction and MDG achievement through building the basic service delivery capacities of Union Parishads (UPs). LGSP-UC is an integral part of the wider LGSP - a national project to promote better local governance and local service delivery - to be supported by a World Bank/lDA loan.

LGSP will provide substantive support in five main areas: (i) UP performance-linked financing arrangements; (ii) local public expenditure management procedures; (iii) local accountability institutions; (iv) institutional framework for UP human resource development & training; and (v) national policy development and coordination. LGSP-UC will field test in more realistic conditions the successful innovations already pioneered in the UNCDF/UNDP Sirajganj project and feed these 'second generation' innovations into the national LGSP. The Local Government Division of the MLGRD&C will execute the UC as part of the LGSP.

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