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Governance and Public Administration Reform - Support for Better Service Delivery (GPAR SBSD)

  • November 29, 2017

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The Support for Better Service Delivery (SBSD) programme will strengthen capacity for strategic planning, financing, management and monitoring of governance reform for more effective, accountable and transparent delivery of services. The design proposes five interrelated outputs to realise this outcome. It will strengthen policy development, strategic oversight and monitoring of governance reform; improve organisational and systems development for more effective, accountable and transparent services; strengthen Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development policies, procedures and capacity and establish a cost effective and sustainable system for civil service training and development; provide a formula based district development funding mechanisms for devolved service delivery, with a particular focus on the provision of expanded and improved health, education, agriculture, and rural development services, identified as key priorities within the Lao Government’s 5-year National Socio-Economic Development Plan (NSEDP) 2006- 2010; focus on supporting demand-driven governance reforms at Central and local levels which directly impact on service delivery. The proposed timeframe for the programme is four years until end 2010 in alignment with the NSEDP.

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