Demand Analysis on Remittances in Nepal

  • February 05, 2019

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Nepal receives a staggering amount of US$6.9 billion annually in remittance inflows. The fast-growing digital economy in Nepal hold the potential to create new opportunities with the remittances flowing into the country. Together with Laxmi Bank, we are exploring ways to harness innovative digital technologies to design, develop and deliver bouquet of financial services for migrant workers and their families to access finance and also pave the way to engage in income generating activities.

Recently we concluded the market research among 181 families from Banepa, Pachkal and Janakpur region who receive remittance. The findings revealed homogeneity in typical beneficiary and remitter profiles as well as conspicuous variations in aspects of gender, savings and overall credit behavior across regions. This report combines the key observations, hypotheses and conclusions on the demand side.

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