Myanmar 2018 MAP Survey

  • May 27, 2020

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Myanmar 2018 MAP/FinScope is a benchmark survey that explores financial inclusion, attitudes, behavior, and demographics comprehensively and rigorously. The survey is widely accepted in countries where it is implemented.

In Myanmar, the survey has been completed twice, one in 2013, and the second time in Q1-Q2 2018. Last time, it reached 5,500 households, being a nationally representative survey and covering most of the districts of the country. This survey has been possible thanks to the funding and technical expertise of DaNa.

Making Access Possible (MAP) is a diagnostic and programmatic framework to support expanding access to financial services for individuals and micro- and small-businesses. The MAP methodology and process has been developed jointly by UNCDF and FinMark Trust.

The following documents were produced as part of the MAP 2018 project in Myanmar:

  1. MAP Survey Highlights 2018, summarizing the key findings from the FinScope survey 2018
  2. MAP Diagnostic 2018 summarizing the key findings from the detailed analysis of the Regulatory, Supply and Demand of financial services in Myanmar.
  3. MAP Gender Note 2018, highlighting a gender perspective of the MAP 2018 results.
  4. FinScope State region report 2018, highlighting key findings across the different states and regions of Myanmar.
  5. Myanmar Financial Inclusion Roadmap 2019 – 2023, which was drafted and finalised in partnership with the government of Myanmar.

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Publications, guides and communication materials

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