Experiences with Performance-Based Climate Resilience Grants, 2018

  • September 24, 2019

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As LoCAL expands, it is critical to collect and document experiences, lessons and good practices; continue raising awareness of and trust in the role local governments should play in adapting to climate change; build understanding of the mechanism; and share the knowledge created with existing and new participating countries, practitioners, development partners and the international community at large.

This publication builds on the outcomes of the first global UNCDF LoCAL lessons learned workshop, Strengthening Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Change through Local Government Systems, convened in Cambodia in November 2015 as well as on more recent developments as the pace of implementation continues to accelerate in newer participating countries.

It also aims to shed light on LoCAL as it moves towards becoming a standard, internationally recognized country-based mechanism, informing its expansion at the national level and in the many countries which have requested to participate in the programme.

This is the second edition of this publication.

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