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Innovations for Decentralization and Local Development

  • January 10, 2018

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The UNCDF funded project entitled Innovations for Decentralization and Local development (IDLD) that became operational in the second half of 2008, and that officially runs till April 202, follows in the footsteps of earlier UNCDF supported projects such as the very influential project (from 1995-99) that introduced the Local Development Fund – later replicated and still existing national wide as the Commune/Sankhat Fund; and the Fiscal Decentralization Support Project (FDSP) (2005-07), situated in the Ministry of Finance, that was probably a little bit ahead of its time, and hence a little less effective than it could have been.

The Project Document (ProDoc) for the IDLD was prepared in 2007/08, in the slipstream of the FDSP and at a time the Organic Law, detailing the functions, the organizational structures and the intergovernmental relationships between the various levels of Sub National Authorities (SNAs) had been under preparation (and vividly anticipated) for quite a while.

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