Enabling Policy and Regulation: Leaving No One Behind in the Digital Era

  • May 29, 2020

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As technology and information rapidly force the evolution of global and local markets, we must act quickly to support policymakers and regulators to adapt to a swiftly advancing future full of opportunity and uncertainty.

An interconnected digital economy requires an agile, well-informed approach to risk management. For example, as new and old customers use digital channels from multiple and diverse providers, protecting customer data has become a policy focus area. Complementarily, as more people use formal financial accounts and expect their money to be accessible on demand, protecting funds will continue to be a priority issue. Rapid economic development will be driven by increasing customer trust. In a competitive environment that evolves rapidly, engendering customer trust is a constant process, and governments represent one of the few actors at the national level to which customers can look for protection from abuse and endorsement of reliable systems.

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