Decentralizing Development: Evaluation of the Palestine Local Rural Development Programme

  • December 19, 2017


The report is presented in six chapters. Here discussed are the existing context and future as anticipated at the time, the original goals and objectives, and the methods and resources expected to be used to achieve them (strategy, components, organizational structure and staffing, funding, planning and management), and the expected results.

Chapter three assesses the Program and all the above as it unfolded in practice. Here discussed are the changing contexts and circumstances, the strategies, components and activities as they were implemented in practice, and the program planning and management process that guided them.

Chapter four assesses the actual results compared to initial objectives and expected results. Chapter five summarises the key findings, and the recommendations and lessons these suggest. This is especially with regard to looking ahead to LRDP-3 program.

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    October 01, 1999