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Building Inclusive Financial Sectors in Africa (BIFSA) - Phase I

  • January 12, 2018

  • UNCDF Managed Evaluations


The Building Inclusive Financial Sector in Africa (BIFSA) Programme is based on a financial sector development approach that is focused on the three levels of the financial sector: the micro (retail) level, the meso (advisory and support services to the retailers) level, and the macro (policy) level.

The BIFSA programme was jointly funded by UNCDF and UNDP, with additional funds to be raised from other donors. The total budget of the programme was USD 42.6 million. The first phase of BIFSA took place from 2005 through 2007. It was part of a three-phase project (a start-up year and two phases) to build financially inclusive sectors in Africa.

By 2008, BIFSA comprised two regional centers in Senegal and South Africa and 11 countries with BIFSA programmes. In addition to implementing BIFSA projects in the 11 countries, BIFSA staff also provide technical assistance (TA) to 16 UNDP countries. BIFSA is also supported from the UNCDF headquarters in New York City, USA.

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