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Mid-Term Evaluation of the District Development Pilot Project (Phase II)

  • March 02, 2018

  • UNCDF Managed Evaluations


This Mid Term Evaluation Report of the District Development Project Phase 2, is a culmination of fieldwork and consultations carried out in Kampala and five Pilot Project Districts (Arua, Yumbe, Jinja, Sironko and Kumi) by a four member interdisciplinary Evaluation Team from 9 August to 2 September 2004.

The report covers the following main areas. After an introductory chapter that provides background and a summary of project status, the second section of the report looks at the project results and impacts by assessing the performance of the components’ outputs in terms of planned targets, achievements and conclusions.

The third section looks at the project preparation, design and relevance. The fourth section looks at the project implementation. The fifth section covers some critical issues. The sixth section addresses some of the lessons learnt and best practices. Section seven offers conclusions and recommendations.

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