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Malawi Decentralised Governance Programme

  • January 14, 2018

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The MDGP was approved in September 2002, started in May 2003 and planned to end in December 2006. It follows an earlier UNCDF/UNDP programme entitled the Malawi Local Governance and Development Management Programme (MLGDM) which started in 1997 and ended in 2001. The Mid Term Review of the MDGP took place between November and December 2004.

An amendment of the Project Document in 2006 extended the MDGP to December 2007, and added two further components:

1. Piloting the DA’s role in promoting a businesses supportive environment in rural areas and technical assistance and financial resources to local micro- and small-scale enterprises, and

2. Assessing, reviewing, documenting and disseminating the activities and results of the programme. The present Final Evaluation took place in June-July 2007, mid-way through the extension.

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