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GUI/99/C01 Local Development Program for Central and Upper Guinea (PDLG) [Final] / Programme de Développement Local dans les régions naturelles de Moyenne et Haute Guinée (PDLG) [Finale]

  • January 14, 2018

  • UNCDF Managed Evaluations


In the Terms of Reference given to the consultants, the final appraisal mission of the PDLG had the following objectives:

Assist the Government of Guinea, the local authorities, the UNCDF and the UNDP to demonstrate the effectiveness, efficiency and relevance of the PDLG in achieving the anticipated results and impact on the communities and institutions, and on the decentralization policy at local and national level, and the sustainability of the results.

Analyze the level of acceptance of the primary outcomes by the local authorities (the Rural Development Communities, or RDCs), the communities / civil society and the government structures involved in the program.

Analyze the scope, effectiveness, viability, relevance and consistency of the innovations introduced by the project, particularly the forums and the economic growth centre approach.

Evaluate the degree of satisfaction expressed by the beneficiaries of the project and their expectations concerning prospects for promoting the local economy and the anticipated role of the RDCs.

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