Offering youth financial and non-financial services - Module III: Integration of Youth Financial and Non-Financial Services

  • October 04, 2017

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For the benefit of other FSPs and organizations interested in targeting youth, UNCDF-YouthStart decided to compile and publish this series of Trainer’s guides.

The goal is to facilitate the replication of the trainings and to help other FSPs understand key issues, train staff and launch youth-oriented services. Having satisfactorily tested the Trainer’s guides with all ten YouthStart partners in eight different African countries, the team was reassured the guides would also be useful for a wider audience.

This module, ‘Integration of Youth Financial and Non-Financial Services,’ provides a user-friendly guide to equip FSPs to integrate financial and non-financial services for youth. Specifically, by the end of this training, trainees will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will help them to:

  1. Choose topics and delivery channels for non-financial services appropriate to the FSP and the youth segments the FSP is targeting, especially considering the segments’ characteristics and effective learning principles and practices for youth.

  2. Select and develop a system for delivering an integrated package of financial and non-financial services to target youth segments.

  3. Partner e ectively with other organizations to build on core competencies and address gaps to deliver integrated services.

  4. Monitor both the quantity and quality of the integrated services.

The specific topics to be addressed during this module as well as the objectives of each topic are listed in the table ‘Module III: Integration of Youth Financial and Non-Financial Services.’

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