Dual Key Brochure: Unlocking Finance & Impact for Public and Private Sector Development in LDCs

  • June 24, 2021

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The Local Development Finance Practice of UNCDF has developed an innovative in-house capacity to support LDCs in improving their private sector development and local economic development with the aim to:

  1. Systematically identify and encourage productive and catalytic investments in the LDCs;
  2. Strengthen small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to make them bank- able and investment ready;
  3. Unlock access to domestic nance and international commercial nance for private and public private investments that are revenue generating, but most importantly, have a transformative and measurable impact on the local economy.

Putting it in Practice:

We support Local Partners to source investments, undertake full due-diligence, structure the investments, assess the development impact and the financial impact additionality and sustainability (Dual Key), unlock additional financial flows to each investment, support the investments in the implementation phases, advise on performance and impact measurement and reporting.

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