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CILRIF Sub-Working Group Session 2: Climate Modeling - Challenges & Opportunities (ctd.)

  • September 12, 2022

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CILRIF sub-working groups consist of a fluctuating subset of the broader CILRIF Working Group's representatives who volunteer to contribute their valuable experience and expertise in specific climate finance-related topics.

A brief summary of the key ideas discussed during session 2:

  • natural catastrophe risk can be a consideration for construction projects running time
    horizons of 10-12 years;
  • data and models are available internally with insurers and vendors – but their feasibility for
    long-term modelling needs to be tested;
  • in addition, it is important to test existing climate models on some selected geographies in
    order to assess attractiveness of long-term insurance contracts;
  • Caribbean islands and Philippines are possible locations to research for pilot sites.

Please, refer to the presentation material to read about the session's agenda/outcomes in detail.

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