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RFA: Awareness and Training in Digital Financial Literacy for Utility Providers and Customers in Zambia

  • November 04, 2021

  • Calls for Applications


UNCDF and the Ministry of Finance (MOF) in Zambia have partnered with India-UN Development Partnership Fund to empower thirty thousand (30,000) women and youth in Zambia with increased access and usage of utility and digital financial services. The project aims to contribute to the development of an inclusive digital economy, reaching poor populations in Zambia through leveraging digital payments in the utility sector, specifically energy, water, and sanitation.

UNCDF in Zambia is supporting digital solution providers, three mobile network operators (MNOs), energy service providers and water and sanitation service providers and is seeking to partner with at least two (2) education technology or civil society organizations to Design and implement digital financial literacy campaigns:

  • On making digital payments via the translated USSD mobile money menu in 4 major Zambian languages of Nyanja, Bemba, Lozi, and Tonga for two (2) energy, two (2) water & sanitation service providers, and their customers.
  • On making digital payments for water via water kiosks with Automated Water Dispensing machines for two (2) water & sanitation service providers, and their customers,
  • On making digital payments for electricity for two (2) energy service providers, and their customers.

Applicants must be legally registered in Zambia. Selected organizations will be working on the above focus areas with the aim of improving the utility service providers, and their customers’ abilities, knowledge, skills, behaviors, and autonomy to meaningfully access and use digital services. Ultimately, the goal should lead to increasing the adoption and usage of utility services and digital payments.

Applicants may apply independently or in a consortium, provided that the consortium has a pre-established partnership before submitting the proposal.

UNCDF will provide up to 60,000 USD in grant and technical assistance to at least two (2) candidates trough a Performance Based Agreement.

The initial deadline for submission is 23:59 ETD time of 9 November 2021 trough UNCDF e-investment platform:


However, UNCDF invites you to check our e-investment platform to see if this deadline has not been extended.

Inquiries to this request for applications may be submitted by email to cc

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