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RFA: Ready-Made Garment Sector in Bangladesh

  • December 21, 2021

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UNCDF invites eligible organizations to submit applications for innovative business models that addresses women livelihoods in Bangladesh through the increased sustainability of the ready-made garment (RMG) sector.


As part of the Promoting Digital Ecosystem Solutions Addressing Women Livelihoods through Ready-Made Garment (RMG) Sector Sustainability amidst COVID-19 and Beyond project initiated by UNCDF in May 2021, a digital market assessment conducted between May – September 2021 have informed opportunities for digitalization to improve livelihoods and the sector’s overall sustainability. For more information about the digital market assessment and the full report please click here.

This Request for Applications (RFA) invites eligible organizations to submit proposals to be assessed for potential grant funding that realizes digitalization opportunities to improve livelihoods and overall sector sustainability.


This RFA aims to build opportunities towards digitalization for improved livelihoods, particularly for women, and overall sustainability in the RMG sector in Bangladesh. Proposed solutions shall be in one of the two areas of intervention:

Area 1: Innovative solutions based on sound business models addressing health, well-being, security, safety, finance and digital, financial and legal literacy needs at the worker and household level

Area 2: Innovative solutions based on sound business models addressing sustainability data reporting, performance management, governance, social and environmental sustainability needs at the enterprise level

The UNCDF support will be geared towards enabling the emerging solutions to be piloted and / or upscaled in Bangladesh. The solutions must be innovative and sustainable to allow for continuity beyond the support provided by UNCDF and its implementing partners. UNCDF will provide a grant and technical assistance to two applicants. The successful partner will sign a Performance-Based Agreement (PBA) with UNCDF. Two applicants will be selected that could fall in either area.

What’s in it for you?

UNCDF grant contribution may range from US$30,000 to US$50,000 per applicant and may include technical assistance support and/or mentorship services to the applicants selected under this RFA.

Specific projects will be financed based on business needs. Depending on the maturity of the solutions and the success of the pilot, UNCDF would be able to continue its support for the mobilization of investment capital such as loans and guarantees and further technical assistance.

Applications will need to describe how applicants will deploy the grant and if any technical assistance or mentorship services are being sought.

Please note that by submitting information in response to this call for the RFA UNCDF does not guarantee to offer funding.

All applications must be submitted by 23:59 (EST, the New York time zone) on 23 January 2022 via APPLY.

The deadline for applications has been extended to 30 January 2022 from the original 23 January 2022 deadline. All applications must be submitted by 23:59 (EST, the New York time zone) on 30 January 2022 via APPLY.

To submit an entry please fill out the form on the UNCDF e-investment plug-and-play platform or click “Apply online now” on this page.

In case of questions, please write at Please include in your subject line: “RFA: RMG Bangladesh”. A document of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) will be available from 5 January 2022 and will be updated periodically.

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