Inclucity Bangladesh :Addressing Poverty and Vulnerability through Targeted Economic Development Financing in Narail Slum Areas
  • February 28, 2022

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IncluCity aims to address the bottlenecks to inclusive development in cities and to test and promote local solutions led by municipalities and local institutions with strong voices ensuring participation of vulnerable groups. The programme will contribute to the commitments under SDGs 1, 5, 9, 10 and 11 with particular focus on reducing inequalities and alleviating poverty among most vulnerable populations including women and girls through increased investments in municipal services and infrastructure.

Durgapur Growth and Sales Center for Marginalized Communities Residing in Slum Areas:

Bhadulidanga para is one of the cluster slums and most disadvantaged areas under Narail Municipality. More than 90% of the population of Bhadulidanga belong to minority groups such as Dalit, Harijan (Sweeper), Pal, and other religious minorities. A total of around 200 families live in the Bhadulidanga slum. Out of these families, about 150 families produce handicraft items. Around 500 women artisans have been manufacturing different kinds of hand-made products from bamboo, cane, wood, nakshi kantha, andother handicraft items since many generations at their home.

However, due to lack of proper training and marketing techniques and lack of access to markets, their products often do not reach the right buyers. Due to a lack of storage,display and marketing linkage facilities, those women have been deprived of a fair price for their quality products.

With growing demand for products made from sustainable raw material with less harmful impact on environment,Inclucity contribution to the establishement of the sales center will promote sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

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