Local Government Finance is Development Finance

  • April 04, 2022

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Please find attached a copy of the latest UNCDF publication “Local Government Finance is Development Finance” by the Local Transformative Finance team.

This book highlights the partnership, policy and investment agenda of UNCDF in sub – national finance. The book expands on, and provides context to, the approved 2022 – 2025 UNCDF Strategic Framework and its vision for the flagship area of Local Transformative Finance.

The publication draws from years of debate and research and your own input is highly valued.

The book highlights our common endeavour to build a financial ecosystem that works for cities and local communities in the shared belief that this is the investment agenda to accelerate the transition to planetary health and a liveable planet.

The book argues that the current arrangements are not fit for purpose given the triple challenges of productive livelihoods, urbanisation, and climate change and proposes reforms to the financial architecture and investment agenda. It is presented as a contribution to the debate and represents the views of the authors and not the United Nations.

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