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EOI: Establishment of E-commerce Marketplace for Non-farm Products

  • May 16, 2022

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The United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) makes public and private finance work for the poor in the world’s 47 least developed countries. With its capital mandate and instruments, UNCDF offers “last mile” finance models that unlock public and private resources, especially at the domestic level, to reduce poverty and support local economic development.

UNCDF ‘s Centre for financial health (CFH) has partnered with the Government of Odisha to further strengthen the financial lives of women entrepreneurs under the aegis of Mission Shakti Programme- an initiative to empower women through credit and market linkages by organizing them in self-help groups (SHGs). Nearly 70 lakh women, organized into 6 lakh SHGs throughout Odisha, benefit socially and economically through affordable financing, income-generating opportunities, and skill development.

Under the partnership, CFH has set up the Mission Shakti Living Lab in the state, which aims to understand and improve the financial health of women entrepreneurs by designing and rolling out a suite of financial health-centric (digital) products and tools. The two main digital enabled services to be rolled out under the Mission Shakti Living Lab are E-commerce Marketplace for Self Help Groups/Producer Groups/Micro-enterprises and Financial Service Marketplace for SHG women/ low and moderate income households in the state. Through the establishment of these digital platform, project aims to achieve wider access to financial opportunities for SHG women and improved marketing outreach of SHG products and improved access to financial services and financial for SHG women and low-moderate income households.

The purpose of this Expression of Interest (EOI) is to invite firms or a consortium of firms working in tech providers, e-commerce organizations, marketplaces, technical advisory organizations etc. space to establish the E-commerce marketplace for non-farm products of the Self Help Groups /Micro-enterprises with a self-sustainable revenue generating model in Odisha. The scope of work for the selected partner would cover development, deployment and execution of the digital platform in the state. It is proposed that the selected partner would assist with deploying the platform and related infrastructure (e.g. business partnerships, back-end system, customer service, front-end resources for driving demand fulfilment, integration with other platforms of Mission Shakti Living Labs, etc). The selected applicant (s) will be supported by the Programme Management Unit (PMU) of CHF, the PMU will be based out of Odisha and will work alongside the applicant(s). Additionally, it will provide support on liaisoning with Mission Shakti, facilitate exchange of data, documents, clarifications, share insights from other interventions on-going in the state and support on execution. Through a separate engagement with the Govt. of Odisha, CFH will extend support toward product skilling for the SHG and enterprises.

In particular, the applicant(s) for establishing the E-commerce platform will be responsible to carry out the following activities:

  • Development of the E-commerce Marketplace implementation blueprint with timelines and responsibility of its team
  • Undertake the development/white label set-up of the E-commerce platform for the SHGs and enterprises ensuring a simple, rural aligned and easy to use interface using human centered approach
  • Setting up logistic management hubs/ models by deploying and building capacity of field cadre for ensuring smooth supply chain management from the point of product creation (SHG enterprises to buyer)
  • Ensure field readiness for the deployment of the E-commerce platform by undertaking capacity building of the SHGs/enterprises and field cadre for order fulfilment
  • Undertaking marketing activities to ensure awareness and promotion of the platform and SHG enterprises. Creating awareness amongst local buyers and connecting them to SHG enterprises through the platform
  • Development of SOPs and training material, marketing set-up for rollout of the platform
  • Effectively deploy the E-commerce Marketplace in the state of Odisha and demonstrate the self-sustainable revenue generation model. The work will start in Sambalpur and Ganjam where the initial roll-out will take place and tested for working of supply chain, demand creation and fulfilment services etc. and would subsequently be scaled across the state. The PMU will support and work alongside the applicant in Sambalpur and Ganjam and will provide support limited to facilitation of data, documents, clarifications with Mission Shakti in all other districts
  • Enable marketplace transactions, by onboarding producers and buyers
  • Ensure rigorous processes for data privacy, data security and consent of all users

The applicant/ lead applicant must be a registered entity with a local presence in India either through a registered entity or a branch office. The ideal firm will have demonstrated experience in working in any of the following areas e-commerce, marketplace, technology platforms, logistics management, rural markets, marketing, collective building or SHG enterprises.

Applicants may apply independently or in a consortium. The selected applicant/ lead applicant will sign a commercial agreement with a producer company identified by CHF based in Bhubaneswar. CHF will provide oversight support, insights on planning, monitoring of roll-outs, project management support through its PMU. The PMU will work closely with the partners and support the applicant in coordination and engagement under the project.

The applicant/ lead applicant will work together with CFH in a joint effort to establish E-commerce Marketplace for the SHG women and their institutions in Odisha.

Inquiries to this request for applications may be submitted by email to and by 06 May 2022.

DEADLINE EXTENDED: All applications must be submitted by 23:59 hours (IST) on 01 June 2022 using the UNCDF e-investment platform.

Note: UNCDF has released two separate Expressions of Interest (EOIs) to establish e-commerce marketplace: i. farm products and ii. non-farm products. Firms that meet the eligibility can respond to both or any one of the EOIs. You can access the EOI for farm products here.

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