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Meet the people of LoCAL's global community that are taking action daily across the world to build the resilience of their communities

This video was produced to support climate adaptation finance negotiations for LDCs, SIDS, and african countries, in the lead up to COP27.

LoCAL provides a mechanism to integrate climate change adaptation into local governments’ planning and budgeting systems, increase awareness and response to climate change at the local level. The LoCAL Climate Adaptive Living Facility (LoCAL) builds on over two decades of UNCDF experience in fiscal decentralization, local public financial management, and local investments and procurement around the world. LoCAL is a further refinement of these experiences.

Now engaged in over 30 countries, LoCAL helps to coordinate public policies for adaptation and decentralization. It gives the choice to those most affected by climate change impacts to adapt to new conditions, to test new practices and to live with dignity. LoCAL also makes it possible to increase the level of funds made available to local communities.

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