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Loans and guarantees for building inclusive digital economies that leave no one behind in Niger

  • October 02, 2022

  • Expressions of Interest



UNCDF invites eligible organizations to respond to this Request for Expression of Interest (EOI) for their growth-related capital needs to assess the potential for UNCDF to offer its investment instruments through the funds of its partners.

Interested organizations operating in Niger are invited to apply to build the pipeline of beneficiaries eligible for the UNCDF BRIDGE facility or through the BUILD fund and access concessional loans, guarantees, semi-commercial loans and equity investments (according to availability of funds).


In line with UNCDF's strategy "Leave no one behind in the digital age", this Expression of Interest serves as market analysis to build the potential investment pipeline for UNCDF as part of its strategy. digital. Organizations that offer a digital product or service, or that can leverage this product or service to improve efficiency, organizational performance and customer awareness, which promote the digital inclusion of women, youth, MSMEs , smallholder farmers and/or migrants are invited to apply. The targeted sectors are: (1) Financial inclusion and digital innovation (2) Green economy and clean energy (3) Agriculture, Agro business,

UNCDF will use the information submitted to assess potential loan and guarantee investments from its own balance sheet as well as loan and equity investments from funds managed by third parties on an ongoing basis based on the availability of funds. Appropriate funding will depend on the financial needs and the risk/return profile of the organization as well as the availability of funding.

Important Information

This is a rolling expression of interest with recurring quarterly deadlines over 1 year.

The second quarterly deadline for this call for expressions of interest is 18 December 2022.

Please note that by submitting information in response to this Request for Expression of Interest, UNCDF does not guarantee to offer funding. This Expression of Interest does not imply any commitment on the part of UNCDF, financial or otherwise.

By registering your interest now, you will be included in our list of prospects to be evaluated for potential funding.

For more information, contact .

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